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Odyssey is a surf inspired brand born on the East Coast of Australia. We are dedicated to a carefree, passionate lifestyle that we can share with all our salt water lovin’ mates. 

With a mission to be more than just a clothing company we have a couple main elements to do our part for planet earth. All our shirts are made up of sustainable fabrics and we use sustainable packaging. Where we can, we use little to no plastic whilst still maintaining a high quality. 

With a drive to ensure our crew are making their most sustainable efforts, Boasting a sustainable lifestyle can also inspire those who have little knowledge on the matter and have an open mind on learning how to nurture our planet. 



Odyssey aims to use little to no plastic in our clothing’s life cycle. Being packaged in tissue paper can avoid using plastics whilst still looking after your fit’ till it gets to you. Shipping off our products involves using compostable shipping bags that you can decompose yourself in the backyard. We also use recycled hang tags, hemp string and reusable safety pins because every little bit helps.



The textiles industry is the third largest consumer of water in the world. 

1kg of cotton can require more than 20,000 litres of water whereas around 300 to 500 litres of water will be used to produce 1kg of dry hemp matter.

We aim to keep all of our products sustainable in their own way, with our T-shirts being made out of Hemp, Bamboo & Organic Cotton and our shipping options being completely plastic free. Step by step we are slowly reducing our impact on each whilst educating those around us on the smarter switches that are vital for our eco-system.  

Hemp is a no waste plant, being able to utilise all aspects of the weed for different needs from bioplastics to being used within construction. It's pretty much a miracle plant. 

A couple benefits of hemp clothing are...

  • Hemp has antibacterial properties that fight off odours as you sweat as it's a breathable fibre.
  • Hemp T Shirts get softer over time, you have to break in hemp. which should only take a couple washes.
  • Hemp holds colour much better than cotton does, maintaining brighter and more vibrant graphics.
  • Hemp grows tall and thin taking up little room. 
  • One acre of hemp can produce around 700kg of fibre, which is three times more than that of what cotton produces. 
  • Hemp requires no chemical fertilisers, pesticides or insecticides.

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